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West General Acoustics + Design Elements is delighted to offer architects and designers a range of exceptional continuing education courses. Whether you're looking for a product highlight to discover cutting-edge solutions, a comprehensive CEU course to expand your knowledge, or an engaging webinar to dive deeper into specific topics, we've got you covered.

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At West General Acoustics + Design Elements, we are committed to providing architects and designers with the tools they need to create exceptional spaces. Through our product showcases, webinars, and lunch and learns, we aim to keep you informed and inspired, so you can deliver extraordinary results. Stay ahead of the curve and partner with us to unlock a world of endless design possibilities.

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Continuing Education Courses

Sharon Sullivan

Modern interior spaces often feature open areas and hard surfaces. What should be comfortable rooms in these spaces can become unpleasant from noise and echo or sound reverberation. This course discusses how melamine foam can be used to improve the sound quality in a space. The different options for melamine foam products are discussed along with their installation methods. This course also provides an overview of the sustainability features of sound-absorbing melamine foam.

Edward Basanese
Senior Designer

Ed Basanese


Cardinal Acoustics discusses the history of wood fiber, product manufacturing, and the properties that make wood fiber panels superior to other types of acoustical panels. They also include guidelines for the safe and effective installation, handling and painting of wood fiber acoustical panels.

Christina Graves
General Manager

Christina Graves


Why Design for the Fifth Wall? The visual impact of a well-designed ceiling enhances the human experience. Take this course to gain tools for creating beautiful ceilings and differentiate your project’s appearance. Become well versed in the many dynamic ways that ceilings can elevate a space. Create a unique “Wow” factor for clients who envision a spectacular concept.

Sue Winklebeck
Inside Sales

Sue Winklebleck

Inside sales

Unwanted sound can become more than a mere annoyance. Excess noise has been found to increase stress and distraction, reduce learning and productivity, and even lead to hypertension and permanent hearing loss. This course presents an overview of how sound is described and measured and describes the many industrial and architectural products available to control noise in virtually any environment.

Kim Pfahnl
Account Manager

In addition to reviewing the basics of sound, sound movement, and sound measurement, this course details the comprehensive range of applications available to the designer to block unwanted noises, control the acoustics in large venues, and provide complete privacy where it is needed while improving the aesthetic appeal of each space as a result.

Beau Knapp
Sales Rep

Christina Graves


Good acoustic and aesthetic environments are important to the health, safety, comfort, satisfaction, productivity, and general well-being of all building users. This course outlines the benefits of and methodologies for simultaneously creating both with wall and ceiling acoustic treatments. The highly illustrated course includes detailed descriptions of the many acoustic wall and ceiling treatment options available, as well as sample installations.