Ceilings & Specialty

Looking for a distinct acoustic or decorative ceiling treatment?
Want to add unique light transmitting features to brighten up your project?

high quality, Commercial, california-made,
specialty wood PRODUCTS

Madrid Wood

Madrid creates unique three-dimensional wood elements for walls and ceilings. They specialize in curved plywood; linear, grille and open cell wood patterns as well as ceiling tiles and acoustical reflectors. Choose from our standard designs or work with our team of experts to create a custom, one-of-a-kind creation for your next commercial or residential project.

  • Produced locally in California giving top-of-industry lead times
  • Specialists in large, curved wood projects
  • Will match their stain to the needs of your project
  • Acoustic panels available
  • Manufactured locally in California, meaning quick lead times and accurate lead time estimates
  • Competitively priced

Transparent Polycarbonate Material

Moxie Surfaces

Moxie surfaces utilize resin composites to create a unique honeycomb core material. The thermoplastic design elements create fascinating effects with regard to light scattering and light absorption. Using TRIcore or AIR-board® honeycomb cores and polycarbonate or acrylic cover layers, design freely in color, core style, shape, thickness, or digital printing. The decorative elements work for interior and exterior architecture, in addition to being a multifunctional acoustic panel.

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  • Lighter and cheaper than glass and can be easily curved, making it perfect as a replacement
  • Use as a design component in furniture, office space, exterior/interior walls, or anywhere you could use a strong, translucent colored material
  • Can be cut on site by a millworker
  • Many different options for joining and installing panels
  • Can be microperforated and used for sound absorption (NRC 0.75 - 0.8). One of the only light transmitting acoustic materials on the market!
  • Most products are Class A fire rated
  • $22 - $35 / sq. ft.
  • Acoustic panels are less expensive
  • Contractor pricing available!


Above View

Above View ceilings are a beautifully executed element for any space, giving designers an affordable way to add a custom flair. Their plaster/glass tiles outlast inferior fiberboard, plastic or vinyl alternatives and do not sag or warp. Made right here in the USA, Above View ceiling tiles can be found in a wide variety of hotels, casinos, restaurants, convention centers, stadiums and government buildings across the globe. Please visit their website for documentation, product images, and more.
  • Choose from over 80 unique designs ranging from traditional, to contemporary or geometric
  • Super light and easy to install
  • Drop in to any standard 15/16” T-bar grid system
  • Can be finished/textured to look like wood, metal or other materials
  • Can be microperforated to provide acoustic absorption
  • Modifications to allow for fixtures can be done by the factory to avoid on-site cutting
  • Class A Fire rated
  • 97% organic material, 3% recycled glass

Classic Tin Ceiling Tiles

Atomic 50

Atomic 50 panels are a perfect material for creating a classic look. Stamped tin panels can be used as ceilings, wallcoverings or backsplashes as a creative, decorative highlight. They can also be microperforated to have noise-reducing acoustic properties. This is done without affecting the design elements, with or without an acoustic foam backing.
  • Beautiful, decorative tin panels for as low as $6 sq. ft.
  • Perfect for ceilings, walls or backsplashes and come in a wide variety of colors and styles
  • Acoustic versions available
  • Dropped into standard ceiling grid 
Digital Presentations
  • 25% recycled metal
  • 100% recycled packaging material
  • Coating is solvent free, non-VOC

Custom metal ARchitectural walls, ceilings and finishes


Carritec is the specialist in custom architectural solutions. They use their extensive knowledge and experience, combined with their eagerness to assist with design, to coordinate the manufacturing of metal of any size and shape in order to turn your vision into reality.

Beautiful ornamental/architectural metal ceilings AND ACCENTS


Durlum produces some of the most architecturally complex and interesting custom metal ceiling installations in the world, as well as a variety of standard products.

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High Performance WILLTEC / SONEX Acoustic Foam

Pinta Acoustic

Pinta acoustic develops acoustical ceiling and wall products that provide exceptional sound control and unique design. Pinta's foam, wood and metal products are customizable to deliver creative freedom for architects, interior designers and building owners. For more than four decades, Pinta has worked closely with customers to provide a signature look that exceeds acoustical, aesthetic and sustainability requirements.
  • Wide variety of options in pattern and shape
  • Super light and easy to install
  • NRC up to 1.0
  • Can have mass loaded vinyl attached to block sound transmission
  • Can be direct attached to drywall, suspended as baffles/clouds, or dropped into a ceiling grid
  • Class A Fire rated, nontoxic and antimicrobial
  • Specialty products available, including:
  • Phonstop super-durable 100% sintered glass panels
  • AFS monolithic plaster system
  • Melamine foam products:
  • Top of Class A Fire rated
  • Nontoxic and antimicrobial
  • Phonstop:
  • Class A fire rated
  • 100% post-consumer recycled glass